Boys Hostel                                    Girls Hostel




Institute provides environment friendly spacious separate hostel for boys and girls with capacity of more than 150 accommodations. Hostel has attached mess for hygienic food at subsidized rates. Round the clock Internet facilities is provided through WiFi.



  1. Allotment of hostel rooms is made on first come first basis at the beginning of every year.
  2. It is responsibility of student to safeguard all properties including furniture, fittings and different gadgets of the hostel. They should generally assist the hostel authorities in ensuring proper use of facilities. For damage or loss any Institute property from room, the occupant (s) will be directly responsible and elsewhere will be collective responsibility of hostel occupants. The authorities will recover the loss individually or collectively as the case may be. In this respect, the action of hostel authority will be final.
  3. Students will be responsible for the safe keeping of their own belongings. In the event of loss of the personal property of a student due to theft, fire or any other cause, the Institute shall accept no responsibility and shall not be liable for payment of any compensation.
  4. Use of electric appliances like heaters/ high electric power consuming gadgets, and cooking inside the rooms are strictly prohibited.
  5. The student must not be involved directly or indirectly in fighting, gambling, anti-social activities,
    ragging, strike, picketing, gheraos, fast, arousing of the sentiments of the students body and the
    public. Use of outside agency for redressal of grievance, possession or consumption of alcoholic
    drink, intoxicating drugs will be viewed as serious offence.
  6. Common Room/TV Room/Reading Room timing will be 6 PM to 10 PM only. TV Room can be opened under the special circumstances for the students only when prior permission has been taken from the hostel authorities.
  7. Guests/visitors are not allowed to enter/ stay inside the rooms.
  8. In the Boy’s Hostel, parents and visitors can meet the students in the Common room/visitor Room/ Hostel Supervisor office from 4.30 PM to 8.00 PM only.
  9. Student must take written permission from Rector/Hostel Supervisor in a prescribed Performa before leaving the station stating reason, period, destination and contact numbers and address for the days of absence. 


Campus Housing

The institute provides accommodation for about 250 boys and 150 girls.  Hostels are well furnished and the mess provide quality food to students. For recreation television and sports facility is available. Equipment for indoor and outdoor games are also provided. For security purpose the hostel areas are under CCTV surveillance.

Off Campus Housing

The institute is located in the pure residential zone of Dhule City and hence rental houses, private hostels and boarding are available nearby at reasonable rates.

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