Automobile Engine Lab

This is a core lab of automobile I C engines are required to run the vehicles. The basic principles of Thermodynamics are applied in I C engine. This subject forms the basis for the Automobile Engine and vehicle maintenance. Knowledge of various engine systems will be helpful in finding and evaluating engine maintenance problems. Students will be able to, Understand working principles, comparison and applications of I C engine. Know constructional details of different types of engine, Perform tests on I.C. engine and estimate performance parameters.

Automobile system Lab

Vehicle system maintenance is a core technology subject deals with automobile workshop, troubleshooting, servicing and repair of engine and related systems, transmission system, brake System, steering and suspension system etc. Prerequisites for this subject are automobile engines, advanced automobile engines; automobile transmission system and automobile systems. The students will be able to know the use of various workshop tools and equipments. They compare various types of maintenance systems, Overhaul major components/assemblies and trouble shooting of various complaints, Test and tune up of reassembled units/components.

Automobile Transmission System Lab

The lab give knowledge about the various components of the transmission train and vehicle layout forms the basis for the subjects Automobile Systems, Vehicle Maintenance and Vehicle Testing. Basic principles and conceptual knowledge of this subject is useful for understanding the power transmission Phenomenon and improving the performance of vehicles. The Student will be able to understand the vehicle layouts, chassis, frame and location of various systems on chassis. Know the principle, construction and working of elements of transmission system.

Automotive Electrical and Electronics Systems Lab

Basic Electrical and Electronics subject learnt forms a pre-requisite of this subject. Today majority of development in automobiles is taking place in field of automobile electrical and electronic systems. Microprocessors and Embedded systems are widely incorporated in modern vehicles. The knowledge of this subject is helpful in understanding functioning, application and maintenance of electrical and electronic circuits.

Students will be able to Diagnose and repair the defects in the circuits, Know circuit protection devices and understand working of electromagnetic gauges as well as electrical accessories.

Automobile Workshop

We can maintain service operations by inspecting and maintaining vehicles. Keeps equipment available for use by inspecting and testing vehicles. Maintains vehicle functional condition by listening to operator complaints; conducting inspections; repairing engine failures; repairing mechanical and electrical systems malfunctions; replacing parts and components; repairing body damage. Keeps shop equipment operating by following operating instructions troubleshooting breakdowns; maintaining supplies, performing preventive maintenance calling for repair and Accomplishes maintenance and organization mission by completing related results.

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