The Department of Civil Engineering has been in existence since the inception of SSVPS B S Deore Polytechnic, Dhule (M S) in 1983. Over the years the department has trained and developed high quality Engineering Manpower as Contractors , Entrepreneurs , Builders , Skilled field Engineers ( Overseers )  and the Major Share of them for the undergraduate education.

The traditional engineering departments in recent times have undergone a major restructuring to bring in excellence and relevance into their activities. The advanced tools, techniques, equipments and instrumentations have made it possible to address some of the deeper but hitherto unanswered practical questions. Ours is the department undergoing such transformation.

The faculty members of the department have demonstrated a deep sense of commitment, enthusiasm, achievement, motivation and innovation to sustain the academic environment. In addition the faculty is actively engaged in Testing, Consultancy and Design works for various Government and Private Organizations.

The diploma education focuses mainly on practical skill based training. Keeping with this, the department has number laboratories with latest, state of art instrumentation.

  1. Engineering Mechanics Laboratory :

Multiple sets of simple machines , universal force tables , pulley blocks and friction set ups are available for individual practical training.

  1. Material Testing / Strngth of materials Laboratory.

This lab has almost all the equipments required for testing of materials. Few to mention are Digital Universal Testing Machine , Bitumen Testing Machines , Marshal Stability Setup , Torsion testing machine , Tiles testing machines etc.    

  1. Concrete Technology Laboratory.

Concrete is the most commonly used construction material. This lab has all the instrumentation for the testing of concret and all its constituents. Few to mention are Compression testing machine , Table vibrators , Sieve shakers , Relative density apparatus and almost every equipments needed for the cement and cement concrete testing.

  1. Soil Testing Laboratory.

The laboratory has sufficient  equipments for the testing of soil as a construction material. The      lab equipments include CBR setup , Direct Shear and triaxial test setup, Ovens etc. 

  1. Surveying Laboratory.

This lab has all the state of the art surveying instruments including Pentax Total Station, Micro Optic 1” Theodolite , multiple numbers of Dumpy Lvevls , Theodolites . Prismatic Compass etc.

  1. Hydraulics and Fluid Mechanics Laboratory.

This lab has all the setups for hydraulics including a Tilting Flume , Pelton Wheel , Pneumatic Circuit Trainers etc.  

In addition department has a host eqipments for Environmental Engineering lab which includes Turbidity meter , COD , BOD setups , Digital PH meter etc.

                A set of number of Models are available for the observations and ready reference to the students.

Department is offering projects to final year students with valuable field problem solutions such as use of stone dust , crushed sand in place of natural sand , use of industrial waste in various construction process , Rain water  harvesting etc.                                                                                



Engineering Mechanics Laboratory  

Material Testing / Strength of materials Laboratory

Concrete Technology Laboratory

Soil Testing Laboratory

Surveying Laboratory

Hydraulics and Fluid Mechanics Laboratory



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