Software Lab-1

The software available in lab are- Turbo C, Java (jdk 1.7.0) In this lab programming practicals are conducted. The computers of HCL company are available with Pentium 4 processors. Programming in ‘C’, Data Structure, Object Oriented Programming, Java Programming, Advanced Java Programming   practicals are conducted in this Lab.

Hardware Lab

This lab includes Trainer Board to demonstrate Assembling and working of multimedia computer system, to study the working of UPS and used for working of floppy disk drive. This lab includes Dot matrix printer, inkjet printer and color laser printer to show the types of printers. Students can Study Mother Boards with different chipsets and processors, Hard disk drive, different types of cables, SMPS. Practicals on Basic Workshop Practice and Computer Hardware and Maintenance are conducted in this lab.

Digital Lab

This lab includes Digital Frequency Meter, Encoder/Decoder trainer, Pulse Generator. A to D converter and D to A converter demo kit, CRO and Bread Board, LCD Projector are available in this lab. Practicals on Basic Electronics, Digital Techniques and Electrical Technology are conducted in Digital Lab.

 Software Lab-2   

This lab includes Assembler Softwares like MASM, TASM and also includes MS Office, Linux Operating system. Microprocessor and Programming, Advanced Microprocessor, Computer Fundamentals, Web Page Designing, Operating System and Linux Programming practicals are conducted in Software lab-2.

Software Lab-3

This lab contains LAN Cable tester, Crimping tool and display board of various types of cables and connectors used in computer networks. Practicals on Computer networks, Environmental studies, Professional Practices, Industrial Projects, Computer Security, Network Management and Administration and Behavioral Science are conducted in software lab -3.

Software Lab-4 This lab includes Windows 2008 Server with Software, Multimedia Client Machines with windows 7 Client OS, MS Office, Visual Studio 2010, Oracle.Practicals on Graphical User Interface, Computer Graphics, Software Testing, Relational Database Management System, Windows Programming Using VC++ are performed in software lab-4.

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