Industrial Electronics Department

In the academic year 1983-84 Department of Industrial Electronics established. It is located in the beautiful campus of SSVPS’s B.S. Deore Polytechnic. Since 2008 we have running second shift successfully under same department. At present ,the department has 14 full time faculty members consisting of  2 Head of  the department , 6 selection grade lecturers, 6 lecturers  and last but not least 6 non teaching staff.

 In short span of time department has earned lot of reputation and popularity for providing latest quality education and fulfilling growing needs for skilled professionals, of the ever changing hardware industries and the electronic world. It is due to the dedicated efforts of the active faculty members’, valuable guidance of the distinguished personalities, timely support of our dynamic and prophetic Principal and enthusiasm of students.

Department consists of well equipped laboratories designed well in accordance with AICTE norms. Labs have a range of measuring instruments like Functional Generator, Cathode Ray Oscilloscope, Digital Multimeter and Signal Generator. For extra innovative practices, the project lab is equipped with all instruments that are required for carrying out a number of electronic projects. Lab also includes machinery like  PCB art work film maker, Proto-Cure PCB Cutting machine, Photo Resist dip coating machine, Double sided U.V. Exposure unit, Proto etching machine, PCB drilling machine , PCB shearing machine and equipments like digital storage oscilloscope, microcontroller programmer, embedded system kits, VLSI kits, Programmer Logic Controller (PLC) etc.

Total laboratory area of 396 Sq.Mtr. and has six labs as given below.


  1. Electrical and Network lab.( Lab Area: 66.0 Sqm.)
  2. Basic and Applied Electronics lab( Lab Area: 66.0 Sqm.)
  3. Digital Electronics and Microprocessor lab( Lab Area: 66.0 Sqm.)
  4. Industrial Atomization and Measurement lab.( Lab Area: 66.0 Sqm.)
  5. Electronic Communication lab( Lab Area: 66.0 Sqm.)
  6. Embedded System and VLSI lab( Lab Area: 66.0 Sqm.)


Enough lab time is available for students for maximum utilization of the facilities. The lab demonstrations are supplemented by models, charts, transparencies and animation videos for clarity of the concept regarding to construction and working of electronic devices and circuits etc.

 Department not only provides the professionals but apart from regular studies, we cultivate the virtue of discipline, high moral values, competitiveness and team spirit in our students (by conducting Quiz, Sports, Mini projects, seminars etc.) which leads to overall personality development of the students.

The Industrial electronics department offers testing and consultancy services in Electronic Digital Meter for Auto rickshaws.

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